Introductory Post: About FiG

“So some speak and others are silent” –

Luce Irigary, Speculum of the Other Woman

We are FiG. We stand for Feminism in General, a new network who embrace feminists from all walks of life, with a view to discussing anything relating to women’s issues and feminism. We aspire to be Engender’s humble younger sister group, with an interactive online forum where we would ask members to post topics of debate, as well as regular meetings in cafes and pubs around London so as to further the discussion. Eventually we hope to record and podcast these meetings for those unable to attend so they can also add to the discussion online if desired.

On our forum we will be encouraging members to submit ideas for discussion topics whereafter we will have a more official list up on this blog and facebook, so that everyone knows what will be up for discussion from week to week.

We hope that by keeping the discourse alive offline as well as online, we will be better able to engage with one another and to articulate in discussion, thereby connecting with a new generation of feminists some of whom may have only experienced feminist communities online. We want to create a better balance between active, engaged involved discussion while still encouraging people to post online in their own communities and keep the ball rolling in that vein, too.

Why are we called Feminism in General? Feminism in General means that rather than focussing on one specific concern of feminism (ie, sexual violence or the pay gap) we want to incorporate and welcome all aspects into our discussion. This means that we will be encountering many differing and potentially opposing ideas and concepts of feminism along the way, but in our opinion this is a good thing for as long as debates remain respectful then positive discussion will progress us further in our various causes and as feminists. One of our aims is to act as a sort of feminist mosaic for the hundreds of feminist networks and groups working separately all over the world.

We understand that we can’t do everything, but what we can offer is to welcome all ideas and promise to put them forward for exploration in the hopes that those with different opinions can come to better understand one another and we can all grow with and support each other. We are an all inclusive feminist collective, which means we welcome trans feminists, queer feminists, male feminists, feminists of all genders, races, classes and ages.

Follow us here, at our forum, twitter, facebook group (see links in the pink strip at the bottom!), and we will have some information up about the first meeting in the coming weeks. If anyone has any contributions or pieces that they wish to see featured, send your articles, poetry, latest concerns, rants, spiels, blog posts, on anything relating to feminism specifically or in general to:

These are highly appreciated and valued as we are still in embryonic stages and therefore need as much support and food for thought on our sites as possible!

Love, Fig


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